Do you know what sucks? Having all this stuff going on in your head, and it feeling like it’s not going to get better, or that you don’t have anyone you can talk to about it because nobody cares. (You feel like if say anything more, it’s just going to make your “friends” distance themselves and dislike you


Support for Substitutes

So I started substitute teaching recently…

And let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting to feel quite so drained at the end of the day.And there are some questions that you feel like you don’t know who to ask.

For example how do you approach those two students (especially in high school) who are just right on the edge of too friendly, barely touching but you’re not sure exactly how to speak up, without it being horribly embarrassing.

And you have those students playing on the phone, but with that one student reading (Thank you, student, sitting there engrossed in a good book…

If you are reading this, and a substitute teacher, I invite you to join a new Facebook group I made, called Support for Substitutes, as a chance to network, vent, share or gather advice, etc.

Is Everyone Else in the Fricking World Getting Together Except Me?

I know, I know- the title is hyperbole. Warning: needing to vent, depths of pettiness ahead

Well I guess it’s a good thing that  nobody’s swept me off my feet or that I haven’t swept anyone off their feet yet, or else I couldn’t really consider running away to be a hermit still. But I’m really starting to feel like Beatrice from Much Ado about Nothing:

Good Lord for alliance! Thus goes everyone to the world
but I, and I am sunburnt. I may sit in a corner and cry,
“Heigh-ho for a husband!” (Act 2, scene 1)
So this past week, something that I’ve been struggling with is friends getting together. I should just be happy for them, wish them well and move on with life right? Easier said than done. And the thing is, I don’t really mind being single usually. But there sure are times when it would be nice to be with somebody, and for me at least it’s tough seeing a friend spout sweet, kind gushy things about their SO or have their friends all congratulate them and say nice things just because they got together, knowing that’s probably never going to happen here.

Beware: Venting

Positive note: All the old, gross carpet is out of the living room now. Yay!

Have been trying to think positive and not complain too much, but not liking NC super much so far. (And it doesn’t help that I keep wishing I was in Germany) There are good things; the library is nice, and easy to get to. But, there are definite things I miss about AL. I haven’t met any new friends here let, and have been feeling lonely.. There were some cool things I was hoping to do once moving here, but they haven’t worked out. I do have some NC friends, but they don’t live in this part of NC, but about 3 hours away.  Also, have been fighting feelings of inadequacy, feeling like I was failing at life. Hoping things will get better soon though

All Your Ties Are Belong To Us

Ah, that special time of year. It’s almost Lent. You might still have snow, or might have been seeing a lot of robins even. Something unusual starts to happen on this date (   ). Women cut off the ties of any guys they find. Why? How did this get started even?

Weiberfasching (also known as Altweiber or Weiberfastnacht) is held on Fat Thursday, or the Thursday before Lent starts (That was yesterday)



Making Things Happen

I see videos of people doing kind of similar things to what I would like to do, and that leads to two thoughts. Yay, it can be done! But on the flip side, how the heck do I implement this for myself in real life. Sometimes I wish I had my own little angel guide on the shoulder, telling me what to do

You know what sucks? Feeling alone. Having things float around in your head and at the same time thinking “Who can I tell this to? Would anyone care anyway?” Even if you mind tells you that nobody wants to hear it though, just remember there are people out there who would care and would listen.

It’s tough, being a good friend, being there for people, and not too overbearing or smothery. Thank you to those who try to be good friends

How Do You Do Yourself the Motivates?

Seriously though, does anyone have any tips/hints/tricks/advice for keeping yourself motivated for the long haul with projects you’re working on by yourself?

I took some first steps with a history podcast; I commissioned a graphic designer friend to make a logo, and started the YouTube channel and Twitter for it, but then stopped. What  to do next? (That’s about what happened with historical research lately too, feeling stuck)