The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation

Born Again Minimalist

I was in graduate school when I first heard the term “millennial.” It was at a conference. The session was about how to serve millennial students, because they have different characteristics than the Generation X students that went before them. It was here that I first started hearing things like “millennials need to be recognized for participation,” “millennials feel they are special,” “millennials are sheltered,” “millennials are likely to have helicopter parents,” and more. Society as a whole loves to hate on the millennial generation (those born between 1980-1999), calling us “special snowflakes” and sarcastically referring to us as “social justice warriors,” calling us out for “being offended by everything” and, everybody’s favorite, pointing out how very entitled we are.

Here’s the secret: We’re not.

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The negative opinions directed at millennials are a perfect example, on an enormous societal scale, of cultural gaslighting.

What’s Gaslighting?

Glad you asked. I learned…

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I May Not Have All the Answers

And I’m learning to live with that…

“Everything will be all right in the end… if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.” – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


When we’re little, we think, if we do what we’re supposed to, everything will just work out.

Now, I’m a 25 year old single person with a masters degree, without a job in the field I was really hoping for, who soon will have to worry about what to do about health insurance.

It’s enough to give you an upset stomach sometimes



NYPL Reference Interview

So, I found this article

Camouflaged Anti-Nazi Pamphlets found inside a Dusty Box at the Library


about anti-nazi leaflets in the NYPL Rare Book room. Now, the article said that the majority of these were German Communist Party publications, but I was wondering if any of them were White Rose pamphlets. I tried calling their Reference, and the instachat. Here’s what happened.

The librarian whom I talked to on the phone was pretty nice. They didn’t exactly know the answer, but they did give me some e-mail addresses and a phone number. I got a message machine, didn’t leave a message, then started an instachat conversation. The librarian recommended contacting the rare books people. So I filled that out, and it took a few moments. I went over to the chat again, and it seemed like the librarian was about to leave, so I told them. The instachat librarian then did respond before leaving, so that was good.


Reference Interview Grade mmmm, kinda subjective but 4/5 maybe

Research Anxiety

It’s a real thing, everybody… research anxiety, that is…

For example, taking a medical anthropology class a few years ago, I had to write a class paper: a typical assignment.But I have not been a traditional student by any means, running the educational gamut of homeschooling, public school, and private school for a few years. As a high schooler an undergrad, I hadn’t really used databases much, and I didn’t really feel comfortable accessing them. Even as an avowed public library aficionado, I did not like using the ginormous university library for some reason (It was a long walk…)

One good thing that university librarians realize is that different students may have different research ability gaps.

Why do uni libraries not do more outreach?

That’s one useful thing my MLIS career has taught me, to be more sensitive of the issues information seekers go through.

If I had an undergrad experience redo, I would use the library more.