Die Weisse Rose- Wenn jemand ein solche Symbol missbraucht/ The White Rose- When somebody misuses a symbol like this

This blog post will be in German and English. Dieser Blogbeitrag wird auf Englisch und Deutch sein.

For those who have not heard already, I am posting the links to some articles here; they are about politicians misusing an important symbol:





Diese oben verlinkt Artikl handeln von Politikern, die ein wichteges Symbol missbrauchen.




Nothing’s Perfect

Recently, my family has been rewatching the TV show Northern Exposure. One of the episodes in season 4, Nothing’s Perfect particularly struck me, particularly one scene.

Ed invites Rolf, the German technician who came to install Maurice’s clock, over to watch a movie. While going through his WWII collection, Ed keeps pointing out (not to be rude, but still) all the movies with Joseph Mengele in them. My thought at that point was I will not rest until there are at least as many movies about the White Rose and other such German anti-nazi resisters as Dietrich Bonhoeffer; they should be remembered as an important part of German history

Those Who Don’t Complain

“Those who do not complain are never pitied.” – Jane Austen

Boy, ain’t that the truth. If I am honest, one of my pet peeves lately is seeing friends go through similar stuff and post about it on social media, so all their friends swoop in with their comments. But I don’t say something when I could really use some encouragement, because my mind tells me “Nobody will care. You’ll just annoy everybody more than you usually do.” So that leaves me stewing, and feeling like I just keep quiet and rely on myself. A vicious circle.

Poor, Neglected, Little Blog

I feel sorry for my blog. Really. It’s just bumbling along, much like my Twitter (I’m a Twitter lurker in case you hadn’t known.

So what’s new with life?

I started watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and liking it despite the humor going a little cruder than I usually partake in.

Rewatching the Crown with the family. (Haven’t seen the second series yet though.)

I’ve been making my way (turtle pace here) through trying to get my TEFL certification to teach English as a foreign or second language.

I came out of Nanowrimo with a fairly decent start of a story, so that’s better than it could have been

I would like this blog to be about historical research, but some of the research I’ve been doing has been stalled for a little while.


Let me tell you about one of the best things I like about our new house (We moved in 2 years ago.) It’s a dog, and his name is Buddy. I usually walk around the block at least once or twice a day, and fairly often see him roaming around the neighborhood too. When he sees me, he usually races up to say hi, and that makes my day.

A Last Hurrah- The Painted Queen

I finished The Painted Queen, Elizabeth Peter’s last Amelia Peabody mystery, completed by her good friend Joan Hess after she died in 2013. This mystery was centered around the now world-renowned bust of Nefertiti. I enjoyed it; it had all the characters and elements you would expect of an Amelia Peabody mystery. Danger, revenge, mystery, lots of disguises, and Sethos even. But something was missing.