Hi, Evelyn Lukey here.

I signed up for this class (LS 534) because someday, I would like to work at USAMRIID (with all those nasty Biosafety Level 4 viruses (among many various other dreams). In fact, I did my LibGuide for 507 on the Ebola Virus http://bama-slis.libguides.com/content.php?pid=574967&sid=4740857. So I guess, these are some of my first steps on the road to actually doing that…


P.S. Midwifery and forensic anthropology are some of my medical interests, and I was wondering if forensic anthropologists ever use medical libraries.

P.S.S.  During the spring semester of 2011, I took a medical anthropology class. And one of the things we talked about (which I thought was really cool) was ethnobotany- people going out and studying how different groups use plants from their surroundings, especially with regards to maybe finding new medicines.


P.S.S.S.  I love foreign languages, so if anybody finds things about medical librarianship, especially in French, please send it my way.

P.S.S.S.S.  I also think an interesting area of study for medical librarians is how we could use robots more to help in hospitals, and for homebound people who are sick. (I got involved with robotics at work and this Time special edition magazine http://www.amazon.com/Time-Rise-Robots-Neil-Fine/dp/B00DT72PT0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1401571248&sr=8-1&keywords=time+rise+of+the+robots and NASA’s 2012 Spinoff book also got me thinking about this.


Final P.S. And one thing that I think would be neat to do is take the library (story time and games like checkers and chess, etc., and just visiting too) to hospitals, for both kids and adults.


6 thoughts on “Hi!”

  1. Looks like you have a lot of interests in med libraries. That’s great! I became interested in medical libraries while I was pregnant with my daughter. I guess those hormones made me crazy paranoid about EVERYTHING dealing with my health. HAHA. I was especially interested in my immune system and how it fought viruses and diseases. I used to hate science and refused to go near it. But I come from a medical family. . . sooo who knew? My main interest and something I think would be great to study or use my degree in would be working in a pharmaceutical company like Inovio which is working on revolutionizing vaccines that have proven to fight viruses. I am especially interested in the HPV virus and improving public health by getting information out to the public about preventing STDs. It’s just something that is very interesting to me. Good luck!

  2. Hey Evelyn! I took a class in vet school that took us to DC and we got to take a behind the scenes look at USAMRIID. Very cool! But what I remember most was that a researcher got her suit snagged on a table and they weren’t sure if the safety of the suit had been compromised, so she had to spend 3 months in an isolation room. That and the showers where people had to strip down and bathe before and after they went into the big gun rooms. It was crazy, and I felt contaminated from having been in the hallways looking in (at people working with Anthrax! and Ebola! I felt like holding my breath the whole time). I’m glad there are people like you who want to work in that environment…I prefer to read about it 🙂 Although maybe as a librarian you wouldn’t have to suit up and whatnot – that does make it a little more palatable…

    1. Oh, super neat that you got to visit USAMRIID. And yes, I can imagine it would feel a little unnerving working there, especially BSL 4. How are you? How are you liking the class? P.S. Thanks for commenting.

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