Carlisle Cullen and Gilbert Blythe- A Comparison of Two Fictional Doctors

Carlisle Cullen is a character created by Stephenie Meyer, from her Twilight Saga. He’s a vampire; born in London, his human life lasted from about the 1640’s to the 1660’s.Changed into a vampire in his 20’s, he decides against tradition vampirism to become “vegetarian” (only preying on animals.) Eventually, he moves to the United States, and finds the rest of the Cullens. Now, you may question “What does this have to do with medical libraries?” The answer is, after becoming a vampire, he decides to become a doctor, not exactly what you would expect. One thing that intrigues me about this character is if he would be real, just imagine all the history he would have seen. He would have seen everything we talked about in class happen. He would have seen American medicine at it’s very beginnings. He would have seen the science take over, and Flexner’s report, and modern medicine as well.


The fictional character Gilbert Blythe, created by Lucy Maude Montgomery, according to the book  Anne of Green Gables’s World would have been born in the 1870’s, I think, on Prince Edward Island. He would have grown up going to a one room school house. We sort of see what college was like for Anne in Anne of the Island, but we don’t get to see much what college and med school were like for Gilbert. Would he have heard of Flexner’s report? He would be practicing at the start of medicine as we see it today. His son Jem would have seen medicine even more modernized, but not quite there yet. Jem would have been middle aged when antibiotics were introduced, but they would maybe have heard about x-rays. What would practicing medicine on a small island like PEI have been like?

Someday, I would like to write a companion book or books from Gilbert and Jem’s perspectives about their lives and being doctors

End of ramble.


P.S., and The Twilight Saga Official Illustrated Guide are good for more background info on characters –  a recovering twihard


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