Black Mambas and Paul Farmer

Another of my varied medically related interests includes bringing top-notch quality medical services wherever they are needed.


Paul Farmer is a medical anthropologist who is working on making better medical care available in Haiti, and I saw this neat episode of PBS’s Nature. How can we get antivenins where they are needed? “Black Mambas” video

Clinic in a Can:

Global Impact Charity Parners

Improving the Quality of Care in developing countries

Partners in Health

Harvard’s biography of Paul Farmer


So what do you think? What suggestions do you have for improving medical services realistically and economically?

P.S.S.S. What do you think medical records will look like in just a few years from now?

I can imagine doctors using their phones and tablets more and more, because that’s just been the trend in the general population.

P.S.S.S.S. Do you think people will have more electronic access to their health records? My mom used to have a little book where she kept our shot records


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