Important Things from Class Last Night (To help me remember)

Medline searches- you don’t want to get too many results; you can use filters. Start with the medline databases.


There are aspects that you can click on, to further specify your main heading.


Make sure that you are at the right hierarchical level in the medical subject headings. Too specific? Too not specific enough?


Oooh, somebody mentioned aerospace medicine. Yay!


I feel like I got stuck in a time warp, and ended up back in LS 500!


Look at the MeSH heading  treetops! There’s A, B, and C.

Then when you click on those, you tunnel down,

The further sections are divided up logically, to represent medical knowledge: they’re divided up similar to texbook styles, and based on Flexner’s medical education model.


If you’re talking about something like “e coli”, you can usually specify by saying “e coli infections”, so that takes you to “diseases” instead of “organisms”. 


3 thoughts on “Important Things from Class Last Night (To help me remember)”

  1. Hey Evelyn, thanks for your summary. I also had this in my margin to keep things straight as we went through:
    MEDLIB-L – listserv for medical librarians
    MEDLINE – Medical Database
    PubMed – interface for MEDLINE (specific to NLM) (also contains OLDMEDLINE
    MeSH – controlled vocabulary for biomedicine
    Descriptor – MeSH main heading
    Qualifiers – subheadings
    MeSH browser – shows internal hierarchy
    MeSH database – for searching
    Index Medicus – early index -> MEDLARS (first online) -> MEDLINE (refined MEDLARS)

    (it seems like I should be able to keep those things straight, but I sometimes have to think a minute before it sinks in)

  2. These are good summaries! Thanks to you both. I will be adding them to my LS534 folder for reference.

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