NYPL Reference Interview

So, I found this article

Camouflaged Anti-Nazi Pamphlets found inside a Dusty Box at the Library


about anti-nazi leaflets in the NYPL Rare Book room. Now, the article said that the majority of these were German Communist Party publications, but I was wondering if any of them were White Rose pamphlets. I tried calling their Reference, and the instachat. Here’s what happened.

The librarian whom I talked to on the phone was pretty nice. They didn’t exactly know the answer, but they did give me some e-mail addresses and a phone number. I got a message machine, didn’t leave a message, then started an instachat conversation. The librarian recommended contacting the rare books people. So I filled that out, and it took a few moments. I went over to the chat again, and it seemed like the librarian was about to leave, so I told them. The instachat librarian then did respond before leaving, so that was good.


Reference Interview Grade mmmm, kinda subjective but 4/5 maybe


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