Crazy Day


So today’s been one crazy-@$$ day. Woke up early as usual. At least my throat wasn’t hurting. But allergies were acting up. I was just feeling kinda blue. Lately, I feel like I haven’t really had anybody to rely on; like I had to be the strong one, and lately, my dad’s been annoying the crap out of my for some reason (Sorry, Dad!) But I just really haven’t felt like talking much with him. I mean, what  is there to say? All he cares about is guns, and he doesn’t even seem to listen to what I’m saying sometimes anyway. And if I dare to get upset in the slightest, he gets on a high-horse and tells me not to be upset; also, he doesn’t know how to handle me if I’m not “Ok” (Yes, I’m being the ugly daughter for a moment, but that’s the end of the digression) But yeah, I was just feeling blue, and had to go into work anyway. So work today wasn’t too bad, just the usual running around like the proverbial beheaded chicken. And my feet still hurt. But near the end of the day, one of my dear coworkers gave me a pin that said “Best Seller”; I’ve already put it on my lanyard. That made my day! On the drive home, I find out my aunt is coming over tonight, and 3 of the rooms in our house are a mess. My mom’s gonna be freaking out when she gets home from her surgery-filled day. (She’s a veterinarian.) So that’s how my day’s been so far, and it isn’t even 17h00! I should be signing off soon to feed the dogs and go be productive. I know this is more of a journal entry than blog, but at least it’s writing. I’ll keep y’all posted.


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