10 Best Mini-Series

Welcome to the 10 best mini-series

Highly subjective, yes,  but personally curated by someone with not too horrible taste that may match yours (or not….)

Let’s start with some of my favorite Youtube videos….

Pretty much anything by Lindsey Stirling is going to be in my favorites, but she has 2 newer videos: Beauty and the Beast and Pure Imagination with Josh Groban (SWOON!)

(If you have time, you should also check out her Phantom of the Opera medley.)

Next, we have singers Julie Koep and Alexander Böhm a.k.a. AlexiBexi (Warning: Burn is an intense song, and not child-friendly)

(They should definitely do a duet I think.)

And who doesn’t love a good Netflix series with a catchy theme song? These are 2 of my favorites. (Warning: The Kimmy Schmidt theme does have a touch of language in it.)


I am also a sucker for a good Disney song. (especially in other languages. Youtube has pretty much any Disney song in any language you could think of.) Now with translations, the quality varies by song and by language, but there are some amazing ones.

(Do you recognize that voice?)

(Thank you, Melilotona for helping me study German. Prost!) But I would recommend checking out KariMeru’s Let it Go translation with subtitles and translation as well.


With this next video, these kids have such presence and I love their enthusiasm.


That wraps up the 10, but here are some honorable mentions: (Note: with the Dr. Who/Call the Midwife/One Born Every Minute Parody, please use your discretion when watching with youngsters.)



If you read this and find some great Youtube videos, please send them my way. Leave a message in the comments. Youtube has so many videos and channels. *I didn’t even mention BlimeyCow, Captain Valor,  or that Weird Al has an official channel.

Tune in next week for the 10 people from history I wish I could meet.


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