Different but not different

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being treated “differently”. That makes me think of being the trouble case or weird. I want to fit in but at the same time, don’t exactly. It’s tough figuring out and owning just who you are exactly. I do like to feel special though.

Queen of Hopeless Causes

Just call me Queen of Hopeless Causes. I kinda feel like one myself, but also I get stubborn and want to help “make the world suck less” as the nerdfighters put it. I know so many resilient, amazing people. And I want to make it so nobody has to feel like they’re a lost cause. Sometimes I wish I could be a fairy godmother and have a magic wand to make things better. It’s hard though at other times to fight against that apathy of feeling like what you do doesn’t matter. (Speaking from experience here!)

What to write about? Faith and Processes

It’s not easy being an open sort of person, and it’s difficult to imagine anyone reading this. But maybe you’ve been struggling with something like this too. I don’t feel like I have a very strong faith. There. I said it. And it’s hard trying to not be jealous and petty.

Right now, one of my goals is getting to Munich to look at documents from the IfZ. I’m working on biographies of Werner Scholl and Walter Klingenbeck. Parts of these projects have come easier than others. I still don’t have a publisher and still am in the depths of research. and never did hear back from Saint Ludwig’s (Walter’s parish in Munich). (Life preserver anyone?) And I had to respect the fact that a sister of one of these people said she didn’t want to meet me either. (Totally understandable, but still a bit of a blow!) And of course it didn’t help when my parents were much more supportive of my brother travel plans – going Munich with his friend – while I had to stay at home going through surgery. (I know.. whine whine whine; nobody likes a crybaby!)  The thing I’m trying to get at though, is this whole situation is a process. I have been working on improving my German, and saving up, so hopefully will get over there sometime soon.

One of my biggest fears is not getting over to Munich in time, because I feel like I’m in a bit of a time crunch. What if I get over there, and it’s too late. That’s the difficult part, that I have to come to terms with.


Anyway, if anybody has any words of wisdom or comments, please share!

Confessions of a Sporadic Blogger

Confession time. I am a very private person. Yes, I keep a journal, but don’t even write in my journal every day. Then, there’s the thought of “but who would even care about what I have to say anyway?”

So how to combat this? Maybe make a goal to post at least once a week, even if it isn’t a set day?

But moving on from that…..

We got chickens recently (on a completely unrelated note.

The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation

Born Again Minimalist

I was in graduate school when I first heard the term “millennial.” It was at a conference. The session was about how to serve millennial students, because they have different characteristics than the Generation X students that went before them. It was here that I first started hearing things like “millennials need to be recognized for participation,” “millennials feel they are special,” “millennials are sheltered,” “millennials are likely to have helicopter parents,” and more. Society as a whole loves to hate on the millennial generation (those born between 1980-1999), calling us “special snowflakes” and sarcastically referring to us as “social justice warriors,” calling us out for “being offended by everything” and, everybody’s favorite, pointing out how very entitled we are.

Here’s the secret: We’re not.

millennial late for work.jpg

The negative opinions directed at millennials are a perfect example, on an enormous societal scale, of cultural gaslighting.

What’s Gaslighting?

Glad you asked. I learned…

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I May Not Have All the Answers

And I’m learning to live with that…

“Everything will be all right in the end… if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.” – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


When we’re little, we think, if we do what we’re supposed to, everything will just work out.

Now, I’m a 25 year old single person with a masters degree, without a job in the field I was really hoping for, who soon will have to worry about what to do about health insurance.

It’s enough to give you an upset stomach sometimes